Calvert Street
Industry Focus
  • Our experience across select industries provides us with valuable insight and resources to assist management in achieving ambitious growth objectives
Flexible Structuring
  • We employ conservative capital structures in each of our strategies to maintain optionality and agility as our companies pursue long-term strategic initiatives
  • We partner with and help develop management teams, providing the support and resources necessary to achieve shared strategic goals
Management Alignment
  • We believe in providing management with a meaningful stake in the value created during our ownership. This collaborative approach ensures alignment of interests throughout the value creation process
Strategic Planning
  • Prior to and throughout our ownership period, we work closely with our management teams to devise long-term strategic plans aimed at creating sustainable competitive advantages and enduring value
Operational Excellence
  • We are firm believers in the concept of continuous improvement. We devote significant resources to develop leading organizations, while ensuring our companies maintain an agile, entrepreneurial spirit
Long-Term Perspective
  • We believe that the creation of enduring value requires a long-term approach. The strategies and resources we deploy are all focused on achieving sustainable results